Discretionary Assistance Fund - Other Funding & Support to Check Out Before Applying

Click Here to Apply Online or call 0800 859 5924 (free from a landline)

The Discretionary Assistance Fund is a fund of last resort. We ask everyone applicant to check there isn’t other help or support before applying.

Please do consider other financial options carefully. The Discretionary Assistance Fund only asks applicants to consider other affordable financial support. This does not include loan sharks, high interest pay day lenders, or any other high interest options.

However, we do expect every applicant who is eligible to explore all support available to them from the DWP before applying to the Fund – DWP – Budgeting loan/advances.

Please check the following links for other support that may be appropriate

If you are unsure if there are other organisations that may be able to support you, the Turn2us grant search can assist you by searching for possible funding for you. Turn2us grant search.

If you are a member of a credit union, they may be able to support you either through affordable lending, money management advice or changing your account to prioritise your debits (a Jam Jar account). *Some CU’s – you can access this support, even if you are not currently a member. Find your nearest credit union.

If you are working with an organisation to support you, it may be worth speaking to your support worker or similar before you contact the DAF – they may be able to help you with your application. Click here to find out how to get help to complete an application.