Discretionary Assistance Fund - The Information You Will Need to Hand

Click Here to Apply Online or call 0800 859 5924 (free from a landline)

You should make sure you have the following information to hand before you apply to DAF:

  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your contact telephone numbers
  • For EAP applications – please ensure you provide the correct mobile number you need the PayPoint voucher code to go
  • The full names, national insurance numbers and dates of birth of everyone living in the household
  • Your current full address and postcode
  • Your address history
  • Your prison address (if recently released)
  • If applicable – your tenancy start date and full address details of any property you are moving to
  • Your benefit information – what benefits you receive, how much get and how regularly
  • The details of any organisations that are helping you
  • All household income and expenses
  • Your current savings amounts
  • What you need from DAF
  • What circumstances are you facing and why do you need support from DAF

If you are applying for an EAP – you must be able to explain what kind of emergency or disaster you have experienced. Please ensure you have all necessary information to hand – i.e. police crime reference number if you are a victim of crime.

You should ensure you only apply for items that are eligible through the Fund.

What am I likely to get in a DAF award?

If you are working with an organisation to support you, it may be worth speaking to your support worker or similar before you contact the DAF – they may be able to help you with your application. Click here to find out how to get help to complete an application.