Discretionary Assistance Fund - What DAF Doesn't Support

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The DAF does not support the following requests for items or support for either grant:

Costs Outside of the UK

  • We do not support any need which occurs outside of the UK

Education or Training Costs

  • We do not support any educational or training needs including clothing and tools
  • We do not support costs for school uniforms – find out about school uniform grant
  • We do not support travelling expenses to and from school

Legal Costs

  • We do not support any expenses in connection with court (legal proceedings) such as legal fees, court fees, fines, costs, damages, subsistence or travelling expenses.

Housing Costs

  • We do not support the costs of purchasing, renting or installing a telephone or any call charges
  • We do not support the costs of television or radio or licence, aerial or rental charges for a television or radio

Medical Costs

  • We do not support the costs of any medical, surgical, optical, aural or dental item or service. Please note that these can be provided free of charge if you are in receipt of an income based benefit.

Vehicles and Mobility

  • We do not support any mobility costs including garaging, parking, purchase and running costs of any motor vehicle or any other mode of transport (except where payment is considered for emergency travelling expenses)

Other Costs DAF Does Not Support

  • We do not support any work related expenses
  • We do not cover payments for any debt or debt interest
  • We do not support the cost of holidays
  • We do not support the cost of investments

If you are working with an organisation to support you, it may be worth speaking to your support worker or similar before you contact the DAF – they may be able to help you with your application. Click here to find out how to get help to complete an application.