Discretionary Assistance Fund - What if I Have Applied Before?

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The Discretionary Assistance Fund is a fund of last resort.

There are limits to the amount of times you can be awarded through the Fund:

  • EAP awards are limited to a maximum of three in a year.
  • You cannot apply for a second EAP award within 28 days, if the reason you are applying is the same as your last application.
  • For repeat IAP applications, the Fund may ask you to obtain support from a registered partner. This helps DAF understand what has happened to your items from the last award. It is unlikely DAF will re-award any items you have received through the Fund before.

If you are working with an organisation to support you, it may be worth speaking to your support worker or similar before you contact the DAF – they may be able to help you with your application. Click here to find out how to get help to complete an application.