Discretionary Assistance Fund - What to Include in Your Application Form

Click Here to Apply Online or call 0800 859 5924 (free from a landline)

Hints & Tips:

  • Write down your DAF reference number – you will need it if you need to speak to us about your application
  • Make sure the name, address and date of birth you supply matches the information held by DWP for your benefits
  • If you are unsure which address your benefits are registered to – please supply a full address history for the last two years
  • Only apply for eligible items (what DAF doesn’t support)
  • Please explain the circumstances which have led to this application, this could be domestic violence, homelessness, debt issues etc. We will be sensitive with all the information you provide.
  • Please include all items you need in one application. Awards are limited, so please ensure you do request what you need.
  • Do include details of any support organisation working with you. This can help us establish your circumstances.

If you are working with an organisation to support you, it may be worth speaking to your support worker or similar before you contact the DAF – they may be able to help you with your application. Click here to find out how to get help to complete an application.