Putting money into savings is an important part of managing life’s ups and downs.

To help you save, use the savings calculator at the bottom of this page

Whatever you are saving for try to put some money aside regularly.

There are different kinds of savings types.

  • Emergency savings: you never know when it might come in handy. From the washing machine breaking down to car repairs, it can be a shock to the system when something goes wrong and it costs to fix it.
  • Short term savings: there are all sorts of things that you might want to spend your money on that you would rather not take a loan for. These could be a holiday or buying the children’s school uniform. Christmas can be expensive so putting money aside through the year can make it easier to spread the cost.
  • Longer terms savings: realistically, some things will take longer to save for. Saving for a deposit for a house won’t happen overnight. It can seem far away but by saving regularly you can plan better for your move and your new home.

Use the Savings Calculator